Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kathmandu's Original Dhoop Factory Incense

"Breathe the fresh, herbal aroma of the Himalayas!"

We are pleased to announce that we are now a supplier of the fine quality Dhoop Factory's incense.

This incense is made from the finest quality and carefully selected botanical and botanical extracts from the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, Tibet, Latvia and Australia. Entirely free of synthetic aromatics or coloring dyes. In order to preserve the optimal fragrance and the superior quality control, the manufacturing process is done completely by the hands of skilled and trained craftsmen. There is never a compromise on quality - if the finest quality ingredients are not available, they will halt the production!

It has been observed that numerous incense makers in Nepal have copied their packaging, design and incense style. Although this being quite complimentary, please be aware that unless it is labelled as being made by the Dhoop Factory, it is a counterfeit product.

We buy our incense exclusively from the Dhoop Factory. All of the incense is packaged in handmade and recycled lokta-paper boxes. The Dhoop Factory incense is available in stick form only.

It is currently on its way from Tibet. I will inform you with a post just as soon as it arrives.


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