Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Charcoal for burning resin incense

There are some great videos that give a very good method of burning loose resin and or herbs on charcoal. Using charcoal and resin or loose herbal incense can and will produce very appealing fragrances if done properly and safely. A word of caution: Do not under any circumstances use your bear fingers to light the charcoal. That is what charcoal tongs are for.

The other suggestion is the type of charcoal being used, there is a self-lighting type that contains chemicals to make it easier to light which is the most common type, and a hard wood or bamboo type which requires a little more effort and time. The choice is really yours. The bamboo charcoal or hardwood charcoal has no chemical additives. The bamboo charcoal takes a little longer to light and ash over but it will burn longer and much cleaner. You can use a candle or stove to light it. The easy light contains potassium nitrate to aid in the lighting process and there is a chemical odor, which seems to me to be defeating the purpose of burning a pure resin. Whatever type you do use is entirely up to you, however we do not sell the easy lite, only the hardwood type and most of which is manufactured in Japan.

No matter what type you choose safety is always the first concern, use charcoal tongs to light and move the burning coal, use a fire proof container and use sand or ash (ash is much preferred) to keep heat away from the container and allow the resin to smolder rather than burn. There is a good video on this blog but please keep these suggestions in mind…… Enjoy

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