Monday, May 25, 2015

Mountian Naturals, pure and natural aromatic resin fragrances.

Natural unprocessed botanical resins are indeed the purest form of incense. Many thousands of years ago when humans began to harness the use of fire they began to realize that when various woods, oils, fruits, spices, dried flowers, barks and best of all the tree saps which we now call resin would produce at times a most pleasing and delightful aroma. This was the foundation of what we now call incense. The practice of burning certain resins can be found in the earliest written records of many cultures. The motives for burning resinous incense was usually for a mystical, spiritual or religious ceremony. The method for this is usually time consuming, requires considerable effort and the use of special tools to obtain the most pleasurable of aromas.

Few of us have the time nor the proper tools or knowledge to produce these remarkable aromas. The
Incense Works and the Incense Sampler have toiled for the best part of twelve years to discover an easier and more efficient way to bring these fragrances to you. Mountain Naturals Resin Sticks was their solution. Their goal was to bring you these aromas with full impact of the true resin aroma and all natural and specific botanical products. The raw resins and botanical ingredients go through up to six processes before being applied to the stick, using all natural essential oils. The sticks are then rolled in absolutely pure resins and botanical products to produce the final and outstanding product. The procedure is a complex one and very time consuming. The final result is a pure and simple all natural fragrance. The burn time is about 2 hours of clean and natural bliss of pure resin or botanical aroma simply by lighting a stick.

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