Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Hari's Nag Champa Gold!!

ATTENTION all Nag Champa lovers

I can’t boast about the OM Nag Champas quality’s without mentioning the truly fantastic Happi Haris Nag Champa Gold!!  This is an incense primarily sold in Europe and almost unknown in the US. It made its way here about two years ago in a very limited distribution which is still that way. There are only a handful of dealers in the US that sell it. The only way to describe this incense is incredible.  It is made with real halmaddi resin which what gives Nag Champa its true aroma and its wonderfully rich scent. This incense goes glitter like gold. Each stick is rolled in sacred brass filings (these filings are from a brass god-statue factory). Making its appearance as rich as its aroma! 

This is a MUST try for any Nag Champa aficionados.

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