Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nag Champa a Most Fascinating Indian Incense

Nag Champa has been highly important since ancient times when it was burnt in religious ceremonies and prayer rituals. There is a special position for nag champa in the Hindu and Buddhist religion as it is considered sacred. Each individual monastery would prepare its own unique blend of nag champa for their religious ceremonies and meditation purposes.
For centuries, nag champa incense has been appreciated for its exquisite long lasting fragrance, which lingers for hours in a room and for its ability to aid calming in meditation. As a fragrance, it has positioned itself high on the world stage for its popularity in the scenting rooms, aromatherapy and meditation.

Back in the days of the "hippie trail" when western people became interested in spiritual enlightenment, many of them travel to India where they found and embraced Nag Champa taking it with them so its popularity spread across the world. The spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba the well-known spiritual leader after the 1964 establishment of a spiritual center in Mumbai was one of the most important factors for making Nag Champa so popular. From here, the world would be blessed with this extraordinary incense noted for its characteristic blue box and is reputedly the best-loved incense in the world. It retains its popularity today and many years later, it is still one of the most appealing and popular incense fragrances. Popular belief is that the Champa scent helps create sacred space and enhances the meditative state. Many just burn it simply for its unique and wonderfully distinctive fragrance.

Fragrance plays an important part of people's lives. Aroma has the ability to lift our spirits, remind us of an event in the past and can have an effect on mood. We interact with so many different aromas each day some pleasant, some not so pleasant but smell is one sense that has the ability to change the way a person feels quickly. We can be uplifted or calmed depending on the fragrance. Some scents are nostalgic, other futuristic, spring fresh or gentle Asian. Nag champa is a uniquely effective fragrance in that will assist in allowing your spirit to remain happy and light.

Nag champa is an aromatic blend of gums, resins, flowers, spices, and oils with an exquisite aroma. This valued incense comes from the class of Indian incense, originating from the Champa flower. A native of Indonesia, India, and other neighboring countries, Champa is a large evergreen tree, which occurs naturally in the East Himalayas. The champa flowers are of interest being extraordinarily heady with fragrance although the flower itself just has a few narrow yellow/white petals. The night air filled with champa flower scent is heavenly. In fact, one of the world's most costly perfumes "Joy" uses champa flowers. Nag Champa incenses also contain Halmaddi which is a resin in semi-liquid form that is derived from the Ailanthus Malabarica native tree. This resin gives a grey color to the incense. Nag Champa contains a large amount of sandalwood and is unique as a fragrance starting with a strong smell that changes its character to a cooler sweeter smell as time goes on. Nag Champa is available in many different forms including cones and incense sticks, perfume oil, incense candles and soap.

You can expect a package of fragrance that delights all of your senses and provides a wonderful atmosphere whether it be spiritual or just for the embracing fragrance it will provide. Peace and Love! Namaste'