Sunday, July 1, 2012

Encens d'Auroville Cone Incense

Encens d'Auroville Cone Incense This hand crafted high quality Cone incense delivers an amazing amount of pure aromatics but leaves behind just the smallest dollop of ash. All are made from fragrances blended with natural essential oils mixed into sandalwood powder.

Maroma has utilized all of this rich cultural background and combined it with a very contemporary commitment to Earth-friendly product content and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. These activities have become a major source of fair trade employment for the surrounding villages.
The residents are involved in a wide range of projects including environmental regeneration research, organic farming, renewable energy, green construction technology.

Aurovillians also work closely with these villages to improve infrastructure plus educational and health care facilities. Maroma is the largest employer in Auroville and the biggest contributor. Each year, 40% of Maroma's profits are returned to the community to further growth and development.