Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nature Nature Resin over a Stick Incense

Nature Nature is a relative newcomer to the incense market, and is an American company. Their sole product at this point is the resin over a stick line.

Their incenses are handmade and hand-rolled from high quantity ingredients, and sun-dried. The resins, herbs, powders and oils that are used for the variety of scents are all natural, of the best quality, and as fresh as possible.

This is very long lasting incense each 10 inch stick can last over an hour of burn time. The aroma is just as intense as the resins they are made so one stick may be extinguished and lit several times.

This is a wonderfully fragrant with an Absolutely Pure and Natural Aroma as close to burning pure resin you can get only without all the effort..... Highly recommended!