Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chandra Devi Special Amber and Musk

Amber is unusual - a tree resin, preserved through eons untold. When amber is chipped into small pieces and ground for an incense ingredient, it releases its secrets: a scent of ancient pine forests and forgotten trees from long ago. 

The word is special in that it describes a substance, a color, and a fragrance. The color of amber can be correlated with the scent - it is light translucent orange, somewhat resinous, and glowing.

Musk is similarly somewhat odd in origin - it is collected from the glands of a deer in its traditional form. It is, in contrast to amber, dark brown in color and in scent - it is sweet, but in a sensuous, animal way - a dry, sexy sweetness.

The combination of amber, musk and more than 30 other ingredients gives this incense its special character. The smoke is sturdy and strong, basic and earthy, sharp and spicy, with very delicate notes of living things such as pine trees and forest deer.

The dry stick has only a barely detectable fragrance which blossoms into a personality when lit. Call it the soul of the ancient world, but it is affecting, natural, and beautiful, like all of the Tibetan line.

Contains approx. 40 pure sticks.

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