Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chandra Devi Snowlion Tibetan Incense

The snow lion is an important Tibetan icon, symbol, and concept. Used for years as a symbol for the Tibetan government on flags and currency, the white lion with a turquoise mane continues to be a favorite subject for Tibetan artists. It is a celestial and mythological animal, similar to a totem in Native American culture, and represents a clear mind and unrelenting good cheer.

Made in the Himalayan country of Nepal, Chandra Devi's incenses are based on very woody ingredients, probably cedar and similar indigenous aromatic trees. This particular traditional ritual blend features both white and red sandalwood, saffron, nagi, and over 50 other ingredients for a complex fragrance. The dry, thick stick is very subtle under the nose, with a hint of sweetness and floral characteristics.

The burning stick promises to center one’s attention by presenting a deceptively simple, but finally complicated fragrance to the nose. It tends to linger in the head and the room after its long burning time has passed.

It also tends to make you want to burn another stick to re-experience some of that earthy, resinous herbal base, with very light side notes of sandalwood and other ingredients. The result is clarity of the mind, and it also imparts a feeling of bright and cheery blue Himalayan skies. It is a scent that smells like a smile, and that's a very good thing.

Approx. 40 pure sticks per package.

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