Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chandra Devi Natural Herbal Tibetan Incense

As a boy I was quite taken with a paperback I found on the newsstand one day called "The Third Eye" by one T. Lobsang Rampa. The Tibetan monks depicted in the book made a real and lasting impression on an impressionable young mind. Such ideas as nirvana, reincarnation, wayward mind-created spirits (called tulpas), the use of sounds and smells to change consciousness, mind control, the wheel of life, and the unreality of death became part of my universe, and changed me incontrovertibly. Later I discovered that there was no Mr. Rampa, that the book was the product of channeling by an American author, but by then it didn't matter - it had done its job of inspiring and leading me to reality.

Natural Herbal Incense seems to be the base recipe for the entire line from Chandra Devi, comprised of the 35 or more exotic herbs gathered in Nepal and blended into this fragrance. It has the woody, grassy, natural aroma that the others in their line do, but it is very stark and simple, and intensely spiritual. If you love simplicity and see the beauty in it, this scent is for you. It has essentially no hint of its composition under the nose, but the smoke is redolent of outdoor fires and herbal cleansing of sacred spaces.

It is clean and earthy, very basic but complex at the same time. It will inspire, and it will reveal the nature of reality if you give it a chance. It is a magical thing, and the Tibetan monks who originated the recipe should be proud.

40 6" long sticks per package

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